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Cargoport Transportation, C.A.
Direction Av. Circunvalación del Sol, Centro Profesional Santa Paula. Ofic. 501, Caracas 1061, Venezuela.
Phone +58 (212) 985.7822
Fax +58 (212) 985.7833
Web site www.cargoport.com
Dedicated to operations in traditional shipping sectors; with transportation services as carriers as well as operators.
Operates in various sectors and roles in this industry, holding and performing contracts of affreightment, operating vessels on time and voyage charters, specializing in the carriage of bulk commodities cargoes (mineral ores, grains), and general cargoes (steel products, etc.) and project cargoes.
Focuses on developing new opportunities to meet the needs and expectations of its clients, supporting their changing market exposures and trading patterns.
Cargoport Logistics, C.A.
Direction Calle Guasipati, Edificio Piarde (Edif.Tv Guayana), Ofic. 2-E, Piso 2. Puerto Ordaz. Estado Bolívar-Venezuela.
Phone +58 (286) 923.5515
Fax +58 (286) 923.5705
Web site www.cargoport.com
Offers seamless logistical solutions for bulk commodities, either through Cargoport managed shipping operations or through strategic partners.

Provides a large number of customers with Cargoport’s expertise in arranging efficient «top-off» and lighterage operations in the Orinoco River during its severe low water season, increasing the cargo intake of their vessels and improving their profitability.

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Office Caracas. Av. Circunvalación del Sol, Centro Profesional Santa Paula
Suite 501, Caracas 1061, Venezuela. Phone:+58(212)985.7822. Fax:+58(212)985.7833
Office Puerto Ordaz. Calle Guasipati, Edificio Piarde (Edif.Tv Guayana), Ofic. 2-E, Piso 2
Puerto Ordaz. Estado Bolívar-Venezuela. Phone:+58(286)923.5515 Fax:+58(286)923.5705

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