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Boca Grande II Transfer Station

FSTS «Boca Grande II» is equipped with BMH-Nordströms self-unloading system with the ability to discharge iron ore at 6000 metric tons per hour on the export oceangoing vessel.

The discharge is done through hydraulically operated cargo flow gates, fitted to outlet hoppers in the bottom of the cargo holds, onto three longitudinal hold conveyors on tank top level. The hold conveyors discharge the material onto cross conveyors located mid ships and transferring the material to the inclined conveyor. The inclined conveyor runs forward and discharges the material onto a transfer conveyor on deck forward.

The transfer conveyor feeds a longitudinal tripper conveyor which discharge to a travelling ship loaded with an integrated C-conveyor elevating the material to a slew and hoist telescoping boom conveyor for loading of «export» Capesize vessels (DWT 180,000 metric tons) without requiring shifting of the moored export vessel during the load cycle.

The FSTS «Boca Grande II» was fitted installed with four McGregor heavy duty grab cranes, each with a capacity of 800 tons per hour, allowing the FSTS to self load from conventional gearless bulk carriers. The cranes can discharge into the cargo holds for storage or the cranes can feeding the cargo into four hoppers on deck which will then allow the FSTS to self load from conventional gearless bulk carries. load the cargo directly onto the export vessel.

In addition to providing over the deck transfer directly to the export vessel this system utilizing grab service crancescranes will allow the FSTS to partially discharge import unload «lighterage» deep draft vessels and subsequently store or transfer the cargo onto lightering barges so the deep draft vessel can proceed to discharge to the CVG Industrial Complex berth with a reduced draft.

The power requirements for these high capacity cargo systems is met by a power generation, distribution and control system comprising four new 1600 KW Daihatsu generators with a total output of 6,400 KW and a Kongsberg generator control and power management system.

The FSTS «Boca Grande II» was built in Chengxi Shipyard Ltd, People Republic of China, meeting the highest standard of classification requirements of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. On completion Boca Grande II complied with their rules and regulation for meeting the notations: LR +100 OI 100AT (1) Floating Bulk Cargo Transfer Installation, Mouth of Orinoco River Service LI, OIWS, +LMC Helicopter Deck.

The engineering was carried to verify the ship structures meets the requirements determined by Lloyd’s Register’s application of state of the art ship dynamic motion modeling and structural analysis methods which have been used to make a Fatigue Design Assessment. The practices and methods used were applied for the design of FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage Off-Loading vessels).